The Yellowstone Trail Association (YTA) is not a tourism organization.  But of course the major goal of the YTA is to motivate people to drive the YT to experience its history and to enjoy the "Great American Road Trip."  The purpose of a  tourism organization is to promote economic development for their area.  Quite compatible and mutually supportive goals!

For many years the Mobridge Tribune (Mobridge, South Dakota) has used the YT as the theme of their successful annual regional guide to the towns along the YT from Minnesota, through South Dakota, North Dakota, and into Montana.

The YTA supported the Wisconsin Driving Guide to the YT in Wisconsin published by a regional publisher and copies have been distributed primarily in Wisconsin.

The YTA is prepared to support similar efforts across the country from Massachusetts to Washington and is anxious to work with tourism agencies for them to create a nationwide program to promote tourism along the Trail.

Plan something different for your city/area along the Trail.  Same goal of economic development but with some different actions.  

1. It is tougher to work alone!  The Trail is a linear attraction and you are not competing with your neighbors; if the next county is successful in attracting YT tourists, you win because the tourist follows the YT through your county.  Highway 66, for instance, is a multistate promotion.

2. The winners in your area will be businesses and attractions on or very near the Trail, especially those with an historic aspect.  That traditional tourist attraction just north of town that seeks tourists for multi day stays is not a prime candidate for participation, so you work with a subgroup of your usual participants.  But remember that you are not alone in motivating traffic along the Trail and you will be working with others all along the Trail.  And tourist service businesses in your purview will be winners.

3. Moreover, the effort and (especially) costs can be spread over a large area.  Think at least of the entire route in your state!  You just need a leader to create a great tourist promotion.   Interested?

Email a note to and we will help you find partners and give you the support of information about the Trail and its history in your area.

We can send to you a copy of the short video on the previous page for you and your associates to learn about the YT.  Just ask.  

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