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The Yellowstone Trail Association is a membership association with dues to cover postage, printing, web site, and a bunch of miscellaneous costs.  Almost all labor and travel costs are supported by the officers and Board members.   Projects are thus constrained!  

Your donations will be used for special projects (that we can design together) or for our Interpretive Sign program:  

Throughout the route of the Trail, from Puget Sound to Plymouth Rock,  the Route and its history should explained to  locals and travelers alike.  One valuable way of doing this is to erect Interpretive signs similar to such signs as you frequently find in parks and at historical sights.  Their individual cost is something like $700.  The graphics and ordering process can be provided by the Association.

Local individuals and groups are needed to identify proper locations, to arrange for permissions, install and maintain the signs.  If the local individuals and groups cannot afford the cost of the sign the Association will do its best to cover the remaining cost.   

Donations may be made in one of two ways:

1. Mail your donation to –


             Yellowstone Trail Association

             340 Division St.

              Stevens Point,  WI     54481

If you want to support a particular project, let us know.   

Please include your name and address and email address if you have one.

2. Click on the “Donate” button to use your PayPal account or a charge card.  

3. Either way, in addition, to make us more aware of your donation, you can use the form, to the right, to let our Executive Director know about your donation right away.  It you have a preferred use, let us know.

Thank you!

Optional form “to let us know.”

        How and why to make a donation to the YT Association

To donate to the YTA, follow the instructions below and left to either Mail it or send via PayPal.