Introducing the Yellowstone Trail;   A Good Road from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound, 1912-1930.  A  96-page book about the Yellowstone Trail to introduce the Trail to the modern traveler, 2nd printing.

On the Yellowstone Trail.   In 1914, the Yellowstone Trail Published a large format 96-page soft cover book as their "First Year Book." It documents the founding of the Trail, describes the first meetings of the association, gives the world history of roads, and gives detailed maps of the Trail from Minneapolis to the Yellowstone National Park.  It has many pictures of the road and its towns.  Many ads from 1914 businesses are included.

On the Road to Yellowstone; The Yellowstone Trail and American Highways 1900-1930. The content is very similar to the Ridges' Introducing the Yellowstone Trail but in a larger format with extensive pictures and graphics. It is well researched, very readable, and highly recommended.

We Blazed the Trail; Motoring to Yellowstone in Mike Dowling's Oakland!  This is the story of the historic trip west on the then new Yellowstone Trail by the third president of the YT Association.  The author begins:  Almost 100-years ago, Michael J. Dowling, my grandfather, led three families on a "first time by automobile" adventure run and blazed the way for building one of the first highways across America.

1919 Yellowstone Trail Folder.  The Yellowstone Trail Association published an annual Trail Folder from 1914 into the 1930's.  A republication of the 1919 Folder is now available.

Introducing the Yellowstone Trail - 001 9.95 On the Road to Yellowstone - M01 15.95 On the Yellowstone Trail - 002 29.95 We Blazed the Trail - P01 9.95 1919 Yellowstone Trail Folder - 003 4.00 Books & Reading  Material

Book by Lee and Jane Whiteley.  This excellent book presents the history of the National Park-to-Park Highway, the historic route that included many national parks in the West.  It incorporated the spur of the Yellowstone Trail from Livingston to Gardiner, Montana.     $3.00 p&h

The Playground Trail - W01 19.95

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A guide to traveling the YT through Wisconsin produced by an independent publisher.  It is available free at many places along the Trail.  If you wish a copy now, order it here.  We would appreciate a donation to cover postage and handling, which is estimated to be $2.50.  Amounts higher than that will be sent to the YT Association as a donation.

Wisconsin Guide Dakotas Area Guide

A guide to traveling the YT through North and South Dakota and the border areas of Minnesota and Montana, produced by the Mobridge (SD) Tribune. It is available free at many places along the Trail.  If you wish a copy now, order it here.  We would appreciate a donation to cover postage and handling, which is estimated to be $2.50.  Amounts higher than that will be sent to the YT Association as a donation.

In this old west epic you’ll share in ranch life at a time when young families took on monumental challenges across the west.  And the Yellowstone Trail went right through the middle of the ranch for a mile or two, and is still built up as part of the old driveway. It’s right along I-94 in eastern Montana.

Attractively laid out with 408 pages, over 260 personal historic photographs, 90 stories and fascinating sidebars. Softcover

$6.50 shipping.   

This book by Lee Whiteley is the definitive story of the Yellowstone Highway.  It is often confused with the Yellowstone Trail, but this route ran from Denver to the Yellowstone National Park..  $14.95    $3.00 p&h

The Yellowstone Highway - W02 14.95 Montana Stirrups, Sage and Shenanigans; Western Ranch Life in a Forgotten Era - B01 29.95

The following books were written by a friend of the Yellowstone Trail, Francie M. Berg, who grew up on the Yellowstone Trail and now lives on the Yellowstone Trail.  The sites around Hettinger, North Dakota, that she writes of are on or near the Yellowstone Trail and we highly recommend exploring the history of the Buffalo when traveling the Trail in this historically fascinating area.    See our maps of the area on this YTA  website.

Buffalo Trails in the Dakota Buttes

Self-Guided Tour

Buffalo Heartbeats Across the Plains

The Last Great Hunts and Saving the Buffalo

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